Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Report: 7 1/2 inches!

More to follow...we are without electricity and are on a generator now.

The temperature yesterday got up to 37 degrees or so. Most of the snow is off the trees. We slept last night without the generator. Our house is very well insulated. It was 61 inside...29 outside. Not too bad. I heated some water on the stove for tea while Sam got the generator running. Our central heat is gas, so the electricity is needed only to run the blower...doable with a generator. We also have our own well, so need electricity to run the pump. Yeah, LOL, we are roughing it! ;o)


Kar said...

That is one reason I want to get a wood burning stove. The snow looks beautiful though. Have fun looking out the window to see how pretty it is!


karenfae said...

been there using the generator! not bad for a couple hours but after a day or so it gets tiresome - hope you get your power back on soon.

Shogun said...

That is good insulation! We have never had a generator and our power used to go out a dozen times per year. For some reason, it hasn't gone out at all this winter. Hope I didn't just jinx it. Your birdbath looks really pretty with the snow on it.