Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Finally got the apple pie photos downloaded to my computer. I love pie dough. And biscuit dough. A former co-worker yucked me one time when I mentioned tasting dough. There's no raw eggs - I don't lick cake batter off the beaters. THAT is a yuck-o for me. But I do taste dough. That way, I can make certain that I remembered the salt. Yes. I have forgotten before.

I made a double crust recipe of pie pastry. I cut off 1/3 of the dough and set it aside. Then I rolled out the remaining 2/3 in one big sorta circle; placed it in the pie pan. Filled it with sliced Granny Smith apples that had been tossed with sugar and a bit of flour and cinnamon. Almost forgot to sprinkle it with brown sugar! Dotted it with butter. Pulled the dough up over the apples. Occasionally I will make a regular 2-crust fruit pie or a lattice topped pie. That's when I forget to do it this way. With this style "presentation" I have never had the pie juices to leak out. There's no seal to break.

While the pie was baking, I rolled out that remaining 1/3 piece of dough. Buttered it and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Rolled it up like cinnamon rolls, sliced it, and baked it for about 10 minutes. I like baked dough too. ;o) Here's the pie after it has baked on the bottom shelf. Yes, it is as good as it looks! If you want recipes, scroll down the sidebar on the right. Look for apple pie and pie crust.

Remember those gorgeous bluebonnets? There's a downside. You can not mow them down until after they have seeded. Sam barely bears it. ;o) Our neighbor, Dorothy, who owned this property two deeds back likes it even less. LOL She thinks the bluebonnets are gorgeous, but can't stand the seedy/weedy look. I know her. She would have bluebonnets only the first season.

Here's some blooming pretties. Sigh...another pretty. And what about these pretties?! Our cruise photo. Nancy, Beckle, Me, Earlene.


Kar said...

The pie looks awesome! I'm going to have to try the crust that way now.

And about the bluebonnets. I would put up with a bit of ragged-ness so that those beauties could up again next year. I'm on your side Sherry. ;)

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

Making pie crust that way sure looks easy - I have not made an apple pie in a long time - might be time to do one.

Darlene's Quilts and Stuff said...

The pie looks delicious I have seen these made this way and wondered how it works. I have also made the little cinnamon rollups too for almost my whole life.
Now I will have to make some of each of these. LOL

Shogun said...

Love the pretties ;)

I have never made my pie dough like that, with the large crust on the the bottom, I will have to try it.

I ALWAYS make extra dough to make mini cinnamon pies or pinwheels. I could eat 100's of them. I just use the dough, butter, sugar and cinnamon. Yum. Wish I wasn't so busy so I could get some baking done. Soon.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Okay, Sherry, I'm gonna take your word for it. I've got strawberries in the frig that need to be used. Gonna shock hubby by making a strawberry pie this afternoon. Will let you know how it turns out on this pouring rain day.