Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First Day

The first day of new job training went real well. I've got today off to take Mama to the doctor, and we'll start again tomorrow. We spent quite a bit of time yesterday after lunch on the web pages. One page has a glitch in it that throws the spacing off. Preacher's wife said that she has deleted all the typing and started all over before...the bad code is still in there somewhere. We printed a section, changed some codes...it threw other sections off. ???? eye-roll So we had to retype it as it was before we started. That's minor...another day.

We touched on the biggest event of the year, Daingerfield Days. And will work on it more extensively tomorrow...along with the other events.

I baked a pie over the weekend and took photos. But I'm having trouble downloading them from the camera card for some reason. The anticipation will give you something to look forward to. ;o)


karenfae said...

Hope the new job works out well and that you will enjoy it. We are both getting over colds here to that have lasted forever it seems.

Kar said...

I hope you have fun with the new job Sherry. Sounds like fun.

Knock on wood (my head), Glenn and I haven't caught the crud the girls got while we were back home in Texas.

Still loving the butter braid! Had to make more again!