Saturday, May 15, 2010


Training went well. I think I can handle it. Preacher's wife made a confession our last day together. After which I thumped her on her arm and said, "I don't like you." After the first of the year, she had updated forms, brochures, etc. with the new year...2010. She DELETED them! So that I would have 'something' to do!! Argghhh. I have never heard of that! Whenever I left a job, I made certain I had everything up to date before leaving so that my replacement could just step in and take over without having to wonder about what I left unfinished. eyeroll

But...I have a plan. She did make the statement that she never empties the recycle bin. Guess what I'm doing first thing Monday morning?!

Changing gears:
After changing sheets on Mama's bed last week, she said, "Come here." Ever the obedient daughter (PLEASE don't tell her I typed that!), I followed her. She handed me the epergne first. It was one of the goodies she hung on to during her antique buying and selling career. (The metal looks like a tree trunk.) I've stopped asking her if she's sure she wants to part with things. I find that she's generally thought it over, and her mind is made up. See the two thimbles? Those were Daddy's mama's thimbles. The hankies and the red scarf? They belonged to Mama's mama. I looked and looked at that scarf. Something was tugging at me. I opened it up. Examined the hemming. Not very good work. The reason? I hemmed that piece of sheer material and gave it to her! I don't know how old I was, but the hand work isn't that great. I used one stitch part of the way around, swapped to another, back to the first way. LOL It's come full circle! I HAVE to wear it with something...around my neck though, not holding my hair down. LOL

Oh goodie, goodie. GOODIE!!!


Cats-Rockin-Crochet said...

Hands off Sean he is mine, such a distinguished actor, the older he gets the better he gets too, wish I could say the same about, had a nice read of your blog :).. Cat.

Cats-Rockin-Crochet said...

Okay Sherry, you can have Sean, but can I see him some times? LOL.