Saturday, July 18, 2009

Beautiful Rain...

...cooler temps.

It started raining Friday evening before we went to bed. In the wee hours of the night, I woke to a gorgeous lightning show...Sam snored. I was awake a long time watching the 'fireworks' and listening to the thunder...enjoying every minute of it. Sam snored. I almost got tickled and started laughing but was able to control myself. I still can't believe he snored through the thunder without waking up!!

We got 1 1/2" of rain overnight and woke to 69 degrees! How glorious!! Who would've thought that the 95 degrees yesterday would be described as 'cool'? LOL

Once again, it was 69 when we got up this mornning and almost an hour later still only 70. Sam's outside working in his building. I have a library end of summer reading program party to go to so I have a reprieve.

Yesterday we met a high school friend of mine, his wife, and his parents at David Beard's Catfish Village for lunch. Andy and Debbie live in New Mexico where she teaches and he preaches. His family moved here back when we were in junior high school and his dad, Brother Guy, was our preacher for several years. Two of their kids graduated here...Andy and his younger sister Sally.

Andy and Debbie are on vacation visiting parents. They leave here Sunday and go to San Antonio. Debbie's dad is having shoulder surgery.

We had a great visit. Stayed so long in the restaurant visiting that I almost ordered more fish. ;o)

When the 'party' broke up, we didn't go home. Since we were just a few miles from Carol and Elton's, we went over there...because...yesterday was Elton's birthday and he had invited us to go eat dinner with them. Steaks at Texas Roadhouse. Then back to their place for Texas Sheet Cake. I was so stuffed!

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Gloria said...

Sherry that is so funny I grew up in Lynn,MA wouldn't that be funny if I new them or even better related. I have a large family great-grandmother from Lynn had 15 kids. I remember in the 70's we where in the newspaper for having the most grandchildren.

We are moving to Austin Texas. My husband is going to be working for Reid-Jones Insurance....I think I called it the wrong name before.....little brain fog with me at
We should be in Austin last week of August