Saturday, July 18, 2009

Scrubs and More

Here's another of those short scrub tops. I made a pair of pants, added a band to the top and sewed matching fabric on top of the v-neck. Two to go.

Later today...

...Texas made German-style sausage steamed in a skillet of fried cabbage along with stewed yellow squash. The cabbage and squash are from Mama's garden. Along with a sliced tomato, also from her garden. A delicious but simple Texas supper.


Gloria said...

Nice, love what you did with the scrubs and that dinner looked very tasty.

Did I mention that we are moving to Texas next month? Tom took a job with Walter and Reed...anywho we are Texas bound.

I am exited and a bit scared, a big change.

Gloria said...

Happy Anniversay, and many more! The cake sounds so good...!

How is the dizziness? I hope it's gone. If it happens again promise you will have your thyroid checked.

Can be a symptom.

Keep in touch!