Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Replies

I decided to answer your questions and respond to your comments here:

Shogun, We have two remote thermometers. The receiving unit in my sewing room receives information from the thermometer in the screen porch on the south side of the house. The unit in Sam's office receives information from a thermometer mounted in a more shaded area out of direct sunlight AND he has a ventilated housing for it so that air flow doesn't affect it much. Quite honestly, the thermometer in the screen room generally registers a degree or two higher than the thermometer in the shade. BUT it is still that hot in the screen room.

Weatherman last night had the number of days 100 and above. Normally, Shreveport, Texarkana, and Tyler register about 6 days all summer long. This year, the number of days were 16-18 depending on the city!

Lani, Doesn't that finger have the prettiest fingernail? If all my fingers looked like that, I could've been a hand model. The knife? In the building? Cutting insulation. And he's not through. I love those carbon steel knives. It is so easy to put a good cutting edge on them. AND you don't have to be too careful with them...which is a good thing since they can be used in the construction trade.

I also have a great set of stainless knives. Sam doesn't use them. He doesn't touch them any more...not after cleaning up behind me in the kitchen. When my back is (was) turned, he'd put stuff in the sink...while I'm still working. I reached in to get the cutting board back out and sliced a finger on a knife under the cutting board. I threw a little fit...okay a BIG fit. He leaves me alone in the kitchen now...except every once in a while, he'll close a cabinet door or the pantry door. I'll turn around to get something else and have to wash my hands instead of just reaching in. Dang! Didn't their mothers teach them anything?!

Elsie123, You live in Texas. You better make more than one! I can just see us with color coordinated neck thingies to go with our Sunday dresses. ;o)

Karenfae, Northeast Texas. On Hwy 259. 45 miles north of Longview. 55 or so miles southwest of Texarkana. 130 miles east of Dallas. Seems as if it's mostly humid. We have a lot of lakes in the area. It's not as bad as the Texas Gulf Coast. OMG! Lived down there for seven years. You could cut the humidity with a knife it was so thick. the summer ticks on, we do get drier. I heard on the news the other night that we were down to 30% humidity. That's least nicer.

Sam is planning a trip around the Grand Canyon in mid August. That is the recommended time for the north rim. Did you catch the term "around"? On the other side...and he's planning on going through Vegas. That area and the south rim get over 100 degrees. Oh. I forgot. We are trailering the motorcycles to some Harley dealership and unloading them. We were planning to ride motorcycles around the Grand Canyon. I told him in the beginning that I'm not going through Vegas. He's already got a motel/hotel picked out for the night but no reservations.

The more I've thought about it the more I know that I don't want to ride through Vegas, and I don't want to ride the South Rim. It's hot as hades here, and I'm not riding. Why would I want to ride in the heat there? His argument is, "There's no humidity." My reply is, "Hot is HOT." I finally told him in no uncertain terms that I would not be making the entire loop. I'll wait for his return in a motel, or I'll ride back to the Harley dealership "on my own" and get a motel there and wait for him.

I heard him on the phone late yesterday with his son. He's still saying that we are probably going to ride the loop. I started to go in the livingroom and wave my hand at him, point to me, shake my head NO. I may not leave town. ;o)

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karenfae said...

LOL at your argument with your hubby - I would not want to be on a motorcycle in that heat of Arizona either! I would think September or even October would be better for that area - it is going to be hot!
yes you are in a humid area of Texas aren't you! my daughter use to live in Wichita Falls and it was dry heat - but who wants to bake in an oven :)