Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Neck Cooler Thingie

For you Lani!

First, clean off your work area. Or...

Just push everything outta the way.

Cut a strip of 100% cotton fabric 5" x WOF (width of fabric). Width may be between 40" and 45". It's not rocket science, so don't fret it. It can also be a little narrower than 5 inches, but I certainly wouldn't cut it less than 4 1/2". (Make certain that it's colorfast. You don't want a black neck or discolored blouse.)
Sew or serge the long seam with right sides together.
Turn. See that little package of white crystals? They are a water absorbing polymer crystal. I found that itty bitty package at Hobby Lobby in the artificial flower section. It's a little over 1/4 cup, and I paid $2.99!! BUT it is enough to make four neck cooler thingies. It's sold in the floral section to be used with real flowers. I think the instructions said to put 1 - that's ONE - teaspoon in three cups of water. Let sit overnight, then arrange your flowers. You WILL be surprised how much water those little suckers LOL absorb. I don't know what brand these are. One brand found on the internet is Polysorb. You can also check in garden/nursery departments of your favorite store. Another brand of this stuff is sold to be added to potting soil.
WOW That's at 7:30 p.m.! The thermometer is on the screen porch.

Back to the neck thingie. Fold it in half. Measure in 6" from the fold and mark each side with a pin. (Don't pin all the way across.)

Sew straight across at only one pin.

Measure 1-1/2 (one and one-half) teaspoons of the crystals and pour into the center of the tube. Shake them down to the stitching line.

Sew across the thingie at the other pin.
If you want, cut the ends at an angle, turn the raw edge in, and stitch down.

I hope you can see how plump the blue thingie is.

It's the same size tube and 12" section with the same amount of crystals. Don't put in more crystals than called for. 'They' say it gets oozie and slimy feeling.

Use, care, and cleaning:

Use: Prior to use, soak 15 - 30 minutes. No longer. Do not put in refrigerator or freezer. Please don't warm it in the microwave unless the manufacturer of your crystals states that it's okie dokie. When you let it dry out, it will return to some state of crunchy crystals. I don't know 'cause I've wet mine each day since it was made. Overnight, it did get a bit thinner. To 'regenerate,' soak for 1-5 minutes...that should be enough.

Care: After use, hang. Do not just lay it on the counter. Dehydrate to store. Just let it hang out at room temperature. As the day drags on and the thingie starts to dry out, pour a little water over it. It will absorb your sweat and your body odor if it dries out. So, keep it wet.

Cleaning: Wash very quickly by hand. Really, just get your hands soapy and wash up and down the thingie. Rinse quickly. Do NOT put it in your washing machine!

I've read that the crystals will eventually lose their ability to absorb water. Do not pour the crystals down your toilet! Dispose in the garbage.

I made one for Mama to wear in the garden. Actually, I made it for baby brother who works out in the heat. On my way over to the garden Monday morning, I thought about Mama in the garden and gave it to her. I'll give the one I made for the tutorial to baby brother. Hmmm...That means I also need to make one for younger brother the truckdriver. That's the last of my crystals...


lani said...

WOW your good ok Im going to go buy some of those chrystal thingies and try this this weekend...Wish me luck I hope I can get the figner just like you did in the picture my friend..Thank you....Now how do we build the building with the stolen knife...LOL...god bless my freidns ...we need to meet

elsie123 said...

My kind of instructions! Now I need to do it...

Shogun said...

Do you have one of those weather stations? I have two, but only one works right now, and the one piece is outside on the screened porch so that I can read them temp from inside the kitchen

KitugasQuilting said...

Hey, Sherry! Thanks for posting these instructions. I'll have to see if I can find some of these crystals at the store this week -- hopefully on sale!

McVal said...

Thanks for posting this! I'm going to make some of these this week. My son is detasseling and having trouble staying cool in the hot corn fields and my husband is playing bagpipes this weekend in a parade with his band. I think I'm going to make a few asap!