Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cleaning and Cooking

The freezing weather and the pine pollen should both be through by now. I moved my plants outside to the screen room and swept the floor. Look at the table! I've got to pick up some newspaper to start cleaning this...or some throw-away rags. I refuse to use a roll of paper towels on this mess. I want for real windows in this room. They would make it more usable.

I decided I wanted a pasta salad for lunch. I poured some olive oil in a skillet along with some minced garlic. Then immediately tossed in some thawed Tony Chachere shrimp...That's Louisiana wild caught shrimp. Sauteed until the shrimp was cooked...just a couple of minutes. Don't forget a bit of salt. OH! I need to get to the grocery store. No telling what the oil spill is going to do to the price of shrimp...

While boiling 8 ounces of rotini pasta, I took a spoonful of Penzey's Ranch Dressing mix and a spoonful of water...let that sit 5 minutes as the instructions recommend. Then I stirred in a dollop of sour cream and a dollop of mayonnaise. Gave it all a good stir. Then added some chopped black olives and celery and some quartered artichoke hearts. Spooned in the shrimp and stirred everything together along with some salt and fresh cracked pepper. Then...plated it. I topped it with a quartered cherry tomato and half an artichoke heart. Sliced and scooped out half an avocado. Sprinkled toasted sunflower seeds over the pasta salad and the avocado. I even drizzled a bit of red wine vinegar over both. Served with a slice of artisan bread...the LAST slice.

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Shogun said...

This has so many ingredients that I love - avocado, sunflower seeds, black olives, etc. Why do you torture me????

I just moved my plants to the screened in porch, too, what a coincidence.