Thursday, May 6, 2010


Yippee! I had a squishy in the mail from Karen/Quilts, Etc. Oh. I just realized I turned one of the Santa patterns over...Karen sent two of the blocks...the back shows the whole quilt. Each block will make cute Christmas pillows. She added the 3 fabrics to the prize booty. ;o) And what a darling apron pattern. I'll add it to my collection and may even use it! Thank you, Karen!

More news...I start work Monday morning at the Chamber of Commerce. Their secretary is relocating with her preacher husband...imagine that! When I interviewed, I was told that they were amazed at the number of applications which was attributed to the local economy. The top four candidates were chosen for interviews. When I didn't hear from them last Friday, I thought...Okay. You see...I pray for MY job. I want the job that fits me...and I want to work for people that I 'fit.' Since I've started doing that instead of praying for A job...I have never had a job I've been disappointed in. Monday evening a high school friend also a member of the Friends of the Daingerfield Public Library (me too) and also a member of the CoC...anyway, Vicki came to the Friends meeting following the Chamber meeting. She whispered to me...I didn't know you were looking for a job. The interviewer said she'd call Friday. No..she was out of town. I'll talk to you later. But she left before we were quite through. Tuesday, I got the call. Me Me ME! Vicki knew all the time but ducked out before I could corner her.

It's part time...but steady part time. (No more 6:30 calls from the school.) Monday through Thursday for 6 hours a day. Pay is NOT what I was making in Clute (no where near it!), but I wasn't looking for a 40 hour work week. High pressure all the time. Jump up from the desk to go to the rest room and hurry back. This one will reach that during the Chambers events though...but since there's no overtime, I'll have comp time. And even the four days a week...six hours a day is flexible.

I told the interviewers that I am the favorite daughter. I take my mother to her doctor's appointments. No problem...I can make it up by working longer days...or on Friday. Same thing for vacation. Very flexible. I'm happy!

The first test on this is Tuesday. Mama has a doctor's appointment during my work time. I'll train all day Monday. Go in Tuesday morning...leave at 10:30...pick up Mama and go to Tyler. When we get back to town that afternoon...I'll go back to the office. The current secretary is off Wednesday (remember...preacher's wife), so I hope to open Wednesday by myself and pour over the manuals...then I'll be ready for a Q&A session on Thursday. And may work Friday by myself too.

I am going to miss the school. Most of the high school kids are good kids. I enjoy many of the teachers and the administration staff that I've dealt with for five years now. One of our elementary schools is closing at the end of this school term. Non-retiring staff will most likely be shuffled into the two remaining elementary schools, junior high, and high school. While I would've really like to go full time at high school...I could see that that possibility would no longer be likely.

So...back to being a secretary! And when it's slow, I've already been told to bring a book. Do any of you doubt that I will probably be sneaking in some hand work for quilts or some yarn for knitting?! ;o)


Darla said...

That is great news. It sounds like the perfect job for someone who doesn't have to work full time anymore. Good luck!

Martha said...

Do order Betty Crocker's Kitchen Gardens -- it is a gem of a book if you like to garden and like herbs (or want to learn either) -- and the illustrations are a delight.

I love the book and have for almost 40 years since I first got it.

Cherry said...

Congratulations - welcome to the world of secretaries!!!

elsie123 said...

Congratulations! You're going to do great, and be a wonderful representative of your area!

Penny said...

Sherry, that is absolutely fantastic about the job!! I am so thrilled for you.