Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Socks and Steel

I finished another pair of socks! I used self-striping yarn and did pretty good with keeping everything even until the toe. I thought I had all the remaining yarn with me and was making do with what was there. The toe was finished THEN I found more yarn that would've kept the pattern. But I ain't unraveling! Besides. The toes will be in the shoes. I got a hand-me-down patio set. Sam's son John (whose cats have the cat fish bed) had about five sets around the A-frame house he purchased. He was giving them don't know how many layers of paint are on the set. With the flaking, I can see cream, white, green, and LAVENDER!! Sam said something about getting me a wire brush attachment for the drill and I could sand the set. I'm thinking...WHAT?! And lose all that character??!!

We have a nice set with a glass table top in the screen room. I want this one outside by the pool.

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