Friday, May 7, 2010

Job Title

Hey! I was going through some papers I got from the Chamber office. My new title is "Chamber of Commerce MANAGER"!! ;o)

While on that great Cozumel cruise, I broke a tooth. One of my bicuspids became a mono-cuspid. Sigh. I went to the dentist yesterday and he started the crown prep. While I was at the dentist office, Sam was waiting in the VA medical office. He's felt l0usy for over a week now. We both had a cold last week. I felt bad only one fever. He's been running a low-grade fever off and on for several days. I tried to talk him into calling the VA Monday and then again Tuesday to set up an appointment with them while I was at the dentist. When I mentioned it...he decided he felt better.

Sam is a healthy 75. But he's still SEVENTY-FIVE years old. I was worried about pneumonia. You know that pneumonia and - ahem - old age don't go very well together. Well, he didn't have pneumonia but is now on antibiotics. He should be feeling better soon.

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